Gemona del Friuli which extends over the slopes of a hill (between the rugged mountain of Glemina and Castle Hill) is a vibrant city with a rich calendar of historical and cultural proposals.

The heart of Gemona is dotted with a succession of noble buildings with lavishly painted façades.

There is Elti Palace, now the Civic Museum, where you can see a unique collection of  archaeological artefacts and works of art recovered from various churches destroyed by the earthquake. There is Giurisatti House, which houses the Film Library of Friuli and boasts an exceptional collection of films, documentaries and other illustrative material. There are also the Castle and Town Hall which house ancient Roman artifacts.

The highlight of Gemona remains the imposing façade of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta (an extraordinary example of Gothic-Romanesque architecture) beautifully restored after the earthquake in1976.

Also destroyed by the earthquake and rebuilt in a modern style, the shrine of St. Anthony is considered one of the oldest places of worship in the world dedicated to the patron saint of missing persons and all things lost. The apse of the Chapel of the Rosary has been left exactly the way it was conveived by the Swiss,  Melchiorre Widmar.