The maturing process of San Daniele prosciutto is a technique that allows for the perfect preservation of the meat without the use of preservatives or additives – which are expressly forbidden for DOP products such as San Daniele prosciutto. (DOP – Denominazione di Origine Protetta, or Protected Denomination of Origin.

Products that are assigned the DOP denomination must be produced exclusively in very limited and strictly defined areas. It can be compared to the DOC denomination in Wines.

The specialized techniques and procedures of the maturation process define the taste, tenderness and fragrance of this extraordinary ham.

The ambient and climatic conditions are fundamental in dictating how these legs of ham should be matured.  San Daniele prosciutto is completely natural, it has no additives or preservatives and is produced exclusively with meat from Italian pigs and sea salt.

Because of its high nutritional value and the fact that it is easy to digest, this prosciutto is appropriate for any diet. Perfect for althletes, children, the elderly, and even for those with diet restrictions.