It has been established that the Celts once lived in San Daniele, considered the heart of Friuli. They have been attributed with being the first people in history to conserve legs of pork using a combination of salt, smoke, herbs and vinegar. Traces of their activities were discovered along the banks of the Tagliamento River.

One cannot pass through San Daniele del Friuli, widely known as the proscuitto capital without stopping off at a typical prosciutteria. The Ristorante Venezia, which its welcoming atmosphere and characteristic ambiance, offers traditional cuisine, but above all, this proscuitteria prides itself on its original dishes with accompanying wines as well interesting specialities.

Proscuitto San Daniele connoisseurs will find plenty to delight them here. Some of the most authentic tastes and flavours from Friuli, using only the finest local products, have been selected to accompany the ham.

The proscuitto served in the Ristorante Venezia is produced in-house. Here the prized legs of ham hang for a minimum of fourteen months maintaining their classic reddish-pink colour as well as their intense fragrance and sweet taste.

San Daniele proscuitto is renowned throughout the world and the area, with its ideal microclimatic conditions, is the perfect location to produce this esteemed Italian delicacy.