Creating dishes with San Daniele prosciutto can be considered an art. A proscuitteria  has to know how to combine and integrate typical local dishes as well as well established classics alongside the renowned ham. Dishes that are both delicate yet tantalising at the same time.

There is nothing more pleasurable than a harmonious combination of food and wine (the best accompaniment for  proscuitto San Daniele would be a dry, not very sweet wine) and a proscuitteria like the Ristorante Venezia is perfectly adept at recommending both local and international labels as well suggesting combinations that will help unleash delectable flavours and tastes.

The prosciutteria can also recommend a vast assortment of cured meats and other interesting novelties like Patanegra bacon and Iberico dell’Estremadura.

Friuli is a land of flavours where traditions and hospitality are of paramount important. Proscuitto San Daniele goes a long way to upholding and enhancing these traditions.