Rive d’Arcano is 6 kilometers south of San Daniele del Friuli, on the other side of the Canale Ledra. Nearby and worth visiting,  is the Castle of Arcanum, an imposing building from the 12th Century, which houses a splendid 17th Century church.

The castle was built by Leonardo Cornu, whose son Ropretto gave origins to the Tricano family, which then became D’Arcano. The name originates from Tricano family coat of arms, which features three black dogs who symbolized loyalty to the Emperor and the Patriarch of Aquileia.  In 1420 the castle came under the dominion of Venice and in 1511 was damaged in the peasant revolt that occured on Fat Thursday.

The castle exterior is massive and imposing, with late Romanesque, mullioned windows, battlements, moats and watchtowers. The interior, on the other hand, has all the characteristics of the noble country residence (Rive is still a small agricultural center), with several interesting 17th & 18th Century frescoes.

The castle has been associated with the mystery of Francis of Arcanum who married Todeschina di Prampero in 1635 and who was stabbed to death a few years later. Before dying, Todeschini wrote her initials in blood on the wall of the room where she was killed. These initials could still be seen until the earthquake of 1976 destroyed the evidence. Francis had the body walled up and it was found during restoration work in the early 20th Century.