San Daniele del Friuli is a town with a rich heritage of art, culture and crafts, famous for its prosciutto, but not limited to this.

When in San Daniele one should visit the Cathedral of San Michele Arcangelo (the work of Domenico Rossi), the Church of Madonna della Fratta (15th Century), the Porta Portonat, designed by Palladio and the church of Sant’Antonio Abate (called the  ‘Little Sistine of Friuli’) with its magnificent Renaissance frescoes painted by Martino di Udine, known as the Pellegrino da San Daniele. A visit to the castle is highly recommended.

For book lovers, one should visit one of the oldest libraries in Italy: the Guarneriana Library.

It’s a symbolic building for the local community, the first public library in Friuli and one of the first in Italy.

The first books were donated by Guarnerio of Artegna, a collector of ancient works from the 15th Century. Today the collection is priceless.