Spilimbergo is a large picturesque village located on the right bank of the Tagliamento River some 51kms from Udine.

Considered to be an important city of art, Spilimbergo is packed with colour art and history and is heralded internationally as the city of Mosaics. A stroll around the old town, one of the oldest medieval villages still standing, justifies the title and helps to relive some of the ancient history.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Spilimbergo in the Summer, then be sure not to miss the historical Maccia which is held in August. During the festivities the streets and arcades are festooned with colourful displays, medieval traditions, characters in full costume and and accounts of the historical events of the place.

Take a walk around the local mosaic school, Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli and listen out for the irregular beat of hammers smashing onto coloured mosaic tiles.

The castle and the cathedral are the most important historical buildings. The castle, which domintates the valley of the Tagliamento River, is an imposing complex of buildings from different eras.

Work on the gothic Duomo (with its asymmetrical façade and seven ‘eyes’) was started in 1284 and was eventually completed in 1359. Its interior boasts an interesting series of frescoes from the 14th Century, paintings by Giovanni Antonio de Pordenone and different sculptures by Pilacorte.