Udine is a picturesque city, rich with elegant buildings and charming streets.

It is the heart of Friuli with a beautiful Venetian square, Piazza Libertà or Freedom Square, which is adorned by the Loggia del Lionello and the Loggia di San Giovanni. Passing through the Arco Bollani one can reach the Castle which is now home to the Civic Museum. Legend has it that it was built on a hill by the Huns so that Attila could watch the spectacle of the city of  Aquileia in flames.
Udine played an important role in the rise of the artist Tiepolo. The Venetian artist spent one of the most productive periods of his career here, where he completed many masterpieces. These can be seen at the Duomo, both in the Galleria d’Arte Antica and the Patriarchal Palace.
Udine hosts a series of important events including Friuli DOC and the Udine carnival.
If you take a walk along Old Market Street, you can admire the beautiful old buildings and the Palazzo del Monte di Pietà, with its ornate Baroque chapel, which is covered with fine gilded leather and has painted panels.
In Piazza Matteotti and Piazza delle Erbe, beautiful buildings embrace this so-called ‘living room’ of the the city, overlooking the market in the mornings and bars filled with people at night.