Venzone is situated in the valley of the Tagliamento River is surrounded by a double row of ramparts dating from the 13th Century than enclose the charming historic centre of town, declared a national monument by the Ministry of Education in 1965.

The name Venzone is derived from the Venzonassa stream.

Thanks to careful restoration, the damages inflicted by the earthquake in 1976 have been greatly reduced and the buildings of Venzone restored to their original splendour.

The Town Hall, decorated with the emblem of numerous aristocratic families is a splendid example of Gothic-Venetian architecture.

Palazzo Orgnani-Martina is one of the most impressive buildings in the city and boasts an interesting portal from the 16th Century. The Duomo di Sant’Andrea is one of Carnias’ most important Gothic-Romanesque masterpieces and still contains original frescoes.  A small building, adjacent to the Cathedral,  houses the famous mummies which date from 1647.